Fruit Smash

Fruit Smash 1.0

Match 3 fruits of the same type in a row, horizontally or vertically
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Fruit Smash is an arcade game that will provide you with a bright, challenging puzzle. All you need to do is match 3 fruits of the same type in a row, horizontally or vertically. One click of the mouse on each of two fruits will switch them around. The more fruits you match, the more your Juice Meter will fill up. That is important because you can't move on to the next level until the meter is full. Also, the more fruit you match, the more points you will score. To match even more fruit in many directions, the game features Supermoves. There are six different supermove modes. To acquire a Supermove, you will need to collect Supermove Spheres.

There are 3 game modes provided. Normal Mode provides you with 30 levels to get through. Brick Challenge mode is similar to Normal Mode but there are bricks that can't be matched up or selected to swap. Only Supermoves can solve this puzzle challenge. The third mode is Time Trials, where you should smash your fruit as fast as you can in 1 to 15-minute manic games.
Fruit Smash is complemented with great graphics, sounds and music to further enhance your experience of this fun game.

R. Fernandez
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  • Trial is only 10 minutes long
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